Monday, July 26, 2010

The aerobic nature of caravanning

Caravanning can be quite exhausting. I had to reverse into a tight spot today, and I finally mastered the art of the 90 point turn to manoeuvre the van into the spot - much to the cheap thrills of the grey nomads watching. I was a lather of sweat at the end of the ordeal. I can now only stay at the drive through type caravan parks.

But not a sweaty as some - the van net to me was rocking off it stabilisers during the late afternoon - and I could only assume it was due to some intense horizontal folk dancing. It must have lasted a good hour or more. I was wondering what type of couple were going to emerge for this love nest - and my guess they were to be newly weds. Would grey nomads be up to it for that long? Maybe a couple of blokes doing a Breakback Mountain?

After the rocking stopped, no one emerged. I started cooking the bbq - keeping a weather eye on the smokin' van - but up until 3 hours later - no one came out of the van. I would have to wait until tomorrow to see who the Casanova couple.

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