Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The big question my mates ask - "So Hamlet, how will you have quality time with the missus whilst the kids are in the van"

I am excited about this trip - so much planning, organising and spending. But there is one universal question that my mates keep asking me - "How do you get any 'QUALITY TIME' with the missus - with the kids in the van?

"Well" - I say - "the whole trip is quality family time I say".

"No" - they keep prying. "Adult time".

Not all my friends are this subtle - and enjoy putting the direct question to me.

Well - the answer according to more knowledgeable caravanners is that most sex seems to occur in the.......ladies showers. According to two reliable (albe it drunken) sources - the answer is that most action is what they describe as "knee tremblers" after hours in the showers.

Hmm - Well I know where to try to park the van.

Your devoted correspondent


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