Monday, July 5, 2010

What's the bet we divorse before we get to Alice?

My mates are a miserable bunch.

I have been planning the trip of a lifetime with the wife and the kids, and they are running a book on whether the wife and I are divorced by Alice Springs - about 7 days into a 80 day epic caravan trek through Australia. As if...

80 days - from Mildura, Port Augusta, up to Kakadu, Broome, and Perth - towing a van with the wife, and the fruit from our loins.

It won't be all beer and skittles- there are 3 kids - who can't sit in the same car for 5 minutes without the niggling, teasing or wind passing that after 20 mintues leads to the hollow threat " help me I leave you the side of the road and you can get home yourself ...". Then there is my super handy repair skills - god help us if we break down. And the caravan is a bit dodgy as well -

Hmm - I wonder what odds they will give me.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Strap yourself in - we plan to give you a daily itininery of the journey, point to point km, caravan parks we stay in - the sites, travel times, where the good grub can be found, and answer any questions.

Cheers -



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